The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to affect elderly populations more severely, on average, than younger individuals, and has been particularly dangerous in the concentrated environments of long-term care communities. Transmission is rapid if left unchecked.

We’ve compiled a complete checklist that draws upon official federal guidelines and suggestions from leading industry associations to help prioritize a multi-pronged effort to reduce infection and create a safe environment for seniors.

This comprehensive checklist covers:

Long-Term Cleaning Plans

  • Implementing touchless solutions where practical
  • Utilizing technology to improve cleaning processes
  • Adding certifications that confirm cleanliness for employees

Building Updates To Support Safe Environments

  • Where to add sanitation and disinfecting stations
  • Checking HVAC filters consistently and setting replacement schedules
  • Preparing spaces for telehealth

Implementing Clear Communication Policies

  • Identifying which state or local authorities are in charge of reopening, including timelines and precautions
  • Auditing inventory processes
  • Communicating cleanliness procedures to residents and their families

Developing An Intensive Cleaning Plan

  • CDC guidelines and exceptions for cleaning requirements
  • Consistently scheduled carpet cleaning
  • Creating long-term plans for cleaning and disinfecting

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