Introducing Phantas: The All-in-One Floor Cleaner

Vacuum, sweep, scrub, and dust mop — Phantas does it all. Built for precision and versatility, our all-in-one robot cleaner features zero-distance edge cleaning and auto-spot detection for maximum coverage on both hard and carpeted floor applications. A compact design and 26-inch passing height make Phantas the smaller, and smarter, way to clean.


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Unlock higher performance with automation.

Phantas is more than a cleaning robot. In addition to vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and dust mopping, it’s a powerful tool that helps human teams clean better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Phantas collaborates with your existing staff with minimal oversight, executing cleaning paths, recharging autonomously, and using real-time localization and environmental perception to avoid hazards — all while scrubbing or sweeping up to 5,000 square feet per hour.

By leaving the time-consuming, repetitive floor cleaning work to Phantas, your team will have more time to prioritize high-value, revenue-generating tasks that are sure to leave a strong impression on customers. And with a more consistent, data-driven cleaning method in place, you’ll find it easier to achieve your cleaning standard operating procedures more regularly and at a higher quality.


A trusted, integrated solution for operations teams.

Phantas is the ideal solution for cleaning teams that need a single solution for multiple floor types, such as hardwoods, concrete, PVC, epoxy, natural stones, and low-pile carpeting.

Built with deep learning capabilities, Phantas identifies floor applications and seamlessly switches to the appropriate cleaning mode. Its adaptability and dynamic design make it the go-to choice for several environments, including:


How Phantas can help you:

Phantas is powered by AI and made for humans. The intuitive design promotes ease of use with end users, while its sophisticated, near real-time data capturing drives new insights and business value for leaders.

Direct Buyers:

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Clean along programmed routes while freeing your human staff to perform higher-value objectives. Intuitive and intelligent mapping allows users to create and edit paths to accommodate their space.

Engineered with the latest technology breakthroughs, Phantas is compact but mighty. Its 26-inch passing height allows for tight cleaning, such as under tables, and a side brush scrubs against walls for a complete clean

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Phantas’ competitive entry price is just one way our customers yield the highest return on investment. 

Our industry-leading, white-glove service approach is proven to drive the adoption of robotics programs and optimize operations.

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From onboarding through operations, we’re with you throughout the process, leveraging our wealth of resources and industry expertise to ensure a seamless adoption journey. 

Our team of technical experts is available during business hours for any concerns, and our online resources — including FAQs and best practices — are always available to address common questions.


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Our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, allows users to track their robots’ coverage and runtimes for improved productivity and full visibility into cleaning performance. 

This intercommunication across our entire robotics portfolio means Phantas is more than a product — it’s your entry point into a much greater robotic ecosystem.

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See why we’re the trusted service robotics partner. Our multi-touch, proprietary service approach takes your customers through customized deployment, training services, and ongoing support during their workplace transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I optimize my cleaning operations?

Amid ongoing labor challenges (such as high turnover rates, absenteeism, and dissatisfaction at work), the latest technology innovations can help leaders and their teams fill cleaning operations gaps. 

That’s where Phantas shines. This powerful, all-in-one cleaner not only absorbs time-consuming tasks like vacuuming and mopping but also delivers an optimized cleaning experience as it performs these tasks. When covering hard-floor surfaces, Phantas dust mops before scrubbing for a pristine final result. Large debris is no problem for its two-brush system, and its auto-spot detection identifies spills and blemishes that require additional cleaning attention.

2. How can I improve my team’s cleaning productivity?

Reaching peak productivity is often roadblocked when staff feel disengaged with their day-to-day work — something that repetitive procedures like vacuuming and sweeping can contribute toward. Automation can amplify your existing team’s efforts by handling the monotonous work, giving your team time to prioritize higher-impact and more engaging responsibilities. 

Operations teams that integrate Phantas into their cleaning protocols can reduce resource strains caused by limited staffing, improve employee time savings, and execute standard operating procedures with the consistency and quality that today’s consumers demand.

3. How can I meet and optimize SOPs with limited staff and resources?

High burnout, rising janitorial wages, and increases in absenteeism and turnover are all realities that impact the resources you have at your disposal. In order to do more with less, leaders must adopt reliable and cost-effective solutions for their labor challenges. 

Phantas is a solution you can depend on to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks — including vacuuming, sweeping, dust mopping, and scrubbing — as it can work during or after business hours, with minimal human intervention. As part of our service-minded approach, we offer guaranteed fixed costs for a designated period, making it even easier to fit our solutions into your existing budget.

4. How can I better control the cost of cleaning operations?

Limited resources and rising cleaning labor wages all bite into your bottom line — not to mention the costs incurred when companies grapple with losing experienced employees and training new talent. When cleaning operations costs are volatile, you’ll find it challenging to pinpoint places to save and stay below budget. 

Fortunately, leaders have a few strategies available to take control of expenses and mitigate month-to-month variability. Integrating automated solutions, such as Phantas, into daily operations can invigorate staff who are on the verge of burnout, as these technologies can absorb the most monotonous parts of their current routines. Plus, unlike other solutions on the market, Phantas comes at a guaranteed fixed price for a designated time period.

5. How can I more accurately anticipate essential cleaning services?

Cleaning data removes the guesswork from forecasting future cleaning service needs. Phantas integrates alongside our entire portfolio of robots in our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, to give you near real-time insights for better decision-making and goal-tracking. Evaluate your fleet’s utilization, current cleaning capabilities, and performance over time to gauge your resourcing needs better when cleaning demand fluctuates.

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