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Commercial cleaning is powered by people — and it always will be. Consistent, high-quality cleanliness is foundational to the success of commercial cleaning organizations, but staffing challenges, low performance, and an inability to meet expectations set by standard operating procedures (SOPs) put your success at risk. Plus, cleaning large commercial spaces often requires your teams to perform repetitive and dull tasks, including vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, that contribute to low worker engagement and productivity.

With mounting pressure to control increasing operational expenses, the right solution to these labor hurdles must be one that optimizes your existing resources, propels efficiency, and motivates your staff to perform at their best — all without stretching the budget.

Enter our suite of commercial cleaning robots: Whiz, the commercial robot vacuum, and Scrubber 50 Pro, the robotic floor scrubber. Our solutions help your custodial staff provide an overall superior and more consistent quality of clean, whether you’re vacuuming carpeted areas or scrubbing and dust-mopping hard-floored, high-traffic indoor facilities. By offloading these time-intensive duties from your existing staff, you’ll cultivate commercial cleaning teams that are more productive, more engaged, and have more time to spend on higher value-based services that keep your clients satisfied.

Commercial cleaning teams benefit from optimized operations as a result of SoftBank Robotics’ solutions:

Up to 25%

more team efficiency through the automation of repetitive tasks

Up to 50%

cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming

Up to 8x

less airborne dust and allergens compared to manual vacuuming

Case Study: We Help Cleaning Companies Boost Efficiency, Improve Customer Satisfaction & Retention

In this case study, discover how our partnership with BES Cleaning improved labor challenges, such as worker fatigue, and cost-effectively enhanced cleaning operations by:

  • Increasing efficiency by 25%
  • Maintaining a 100% customer retention rate
  • Expanding offerings to include disinfection and sanitization services

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Revolutionize your commercial cleaning operations.

1. Superior quality and “always up to date”

For commercial cleaning leaders, best-in-class quality and consistency of cleanliness are imperative to retain and grow customer portfolios. Powered by cutting-edge AI and responsive navigation, our commercial-grade robots execute critical tasks while your team tackles other priority work. Operating system updates ensure your solution stays always “up to date,” elevate robot performance over time, and occur without interrupting service.

Autonomous by design, our robotic solutions work in tandem with your staff and require minimal supervision, allowing you to accomplish 100% of the tasks outlined in your SOPs. Let our service robots handle repetitive, time-consuming work while your cleaning teams focus on other high-touch, high-impact objectives.

2. Visible and documented proof of service

Our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, helps commercial cleaning teams benchmark their current performance, identify places for improvement, and execute SOPs with a higher degree of accuracy and confidence. The SBR Connect platform also promotes more intuitive robot fleet management for ease of scalability.

For additional proof of service, your team can run our robots during normal working hours, which further reassures your customers they are in a clean and healthy environment.

3. Certainty from guaranteed fixed costs

Our solutions promote greater planning and budgeting accuracy, thanks to our guaranteed fixed costs for defined periods — which includes no-cost repairs. Compared to other, more variable operational expenses, our solutions allow commercial cleaning leaders to manage their business expenses better, improve profit margins, and more accurately forecast future budgetary needs.

4. Higher-value activity focus

Do more with the resources you have on hand while staying within your available budget. Our robots take on the repetitive, physically demanding tasks that are fundamental to commercial cleaning services, like dust mopping and vacuuming. Your janitorial staff can then turn their attention toward other high-impact, value-based services that reduce the spread of germs, promote greater worker engagement, and deliver the level of quality your clients deserve.

5. Return on customer experience

Your customers will see our robotic solutions as your commitment to ground-breaking, best-in-class cleaning services. When integrated into your existing team, you’ll also better balance the best of technology and your people.

As customers observe your service robots while they work, they’ll have further reassurance that they are in a clean, safe, and innovative environment. And by elevating your customers’ experiences, you’ll benefit from better evaluations, an improved reputation, and increased profitability.

With visible proof that your patients are in a clean, safe, and healthy environment, you can benefit from improved patient experience and rankings within the healthcare system, which ultimately lead to enhanced reputation and greater profitability for your healthcare facility.


Why SoftBank Robotics?

Your success is our success! Leading commercial cleaning teams trust our integrated, robotic solutions.


Market Leader

As part of the largest technology fund in the world, our depth of robotic experience, research, and knowledge leads the market with over 35,000 robotic solutions successfully deployed in service industries globally.


Focus on Service Up-Time

With white glove services, including onboarding, deployment, operations reviews, and a world-class on-call technical support structure, our market-leading integrated, robotic solutions can be adopted quickly and successfully in virtually any facility.

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Proven Business Value with Risk Mitigation

Industry standard-setting methodologies drive the adoption of collaborative robots and deliver proven business value, guaranteed (subject to requirements).

Improve operational efficiency with data-driven solutions.

SoftBank Robotics Connect, our proprietary data and reporting platform, constantly gathers data from its integrated robots as they clean. It stores information about routes followed, assists needed, runtime, and other insights in the cloud. Access data in near real-time to guide reporting and optimization opportunities. 

The SBR Connect dashboard is also your entry point to efficiently managing a broader robotics ecosystem. Facility managers can operate a fleet of robots across many locations through a single cloud-based interface. From the SBR Connect dashboard, users can effectively manage their fleets, while managers can track ROI.

Health Industry Data

Guide: How to Create a Data-Driven Cleaning Strategy

Want to make better-informed decisions with your cleaning strategy? Then it’s time to start leveraging your data. In our comprehensive guide, you’ll learn: 

  • How to collect and use data to optimize your cleaning procedures.
  • The ways in which data-driven cleaning can increase customer satisfaction.
  • How smart, autonomous cleaning equipment can improve your data acquisition efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I optimize commercial cleaning services?

To meet the demands of the modern customer, commercial cleaning businesses must find cleaning solutions that are easy to scale, improve upon their current service performance, and stay cost-effective. Commercial cleaning robots are one answer to today’s operational challenges, as they work in lockstep with your existing janitorial team to accomplish more without stretching the budget.

How can I optimize commercial cleaning standard operating procedures?

Because cleaning quality is crucial for every commercial cleaning business’ reputation, growth, and success, it’s critical to maintain and uphold standard operating procedures — and consider ways to optimize them for future performance. 

Typically, cleaning SOP optimization requires 1) greater productivity from cleaning staff, or 2) a new, more effective process for accomplishing the work. Our cleaning robots address both points by freeing up your existing staff to tackle other high-impact responsibilities and integrating new technologies that deliver higher-quality, data-driven cleaning performance.

How can I reduce the cost of operations for my commercial cleaning business?

Many of the operational expenses across the commercial cleaning industry — such as increasing wages for cleaning talent — are highly variable, which can make planning or reducing anticipated costs a serious challenge. Conversely, fixed-cost resources eliminate the guesswork when planning your budget, offer more flexibility when unanticipated costs arise, and help you identify opportunities to reduce spend without sacrificing quality of service.

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