The Only Service Robotics Program That Successfully Drives Adoption

Robotics adoption is the key driver of your autonomous program’s success. Our specialists are here from day zero and throughout your journey in optimizing operations. We're your trusted partner in getting the most out of your investment.

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"From day one, the SoftBank Robotics team has never left us – they are a true partner, and their services are what have made our program a success. There are a lot of robots out there, but we hadn’t been successful in adopting autonomous solutions until this program."
— Steve Dybowski, SVP, National Facilities, Equity Residential

The Secret to Success with Service Robotics

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Successful robotics programs go beyond deploying robots — but too often, resources are not focused on driving successful adoption. With our industry-leading services and support, we commit to helping customers maximize value for their organization by implementing a holistic program. This program starts from our first meeting and continues from deployment through successful adoption (including repairs and replacements to ensure minimal robot downtime).
Deployment and Onsite Service
Customer Success
Technical Support and Always-On Resources
Repairs and Replacement Program

Deployment and Onsite Service

Hit the ground running from day zero. We begin the upfront work before your first day so you can achieve faster time-to-value.

Our teams conduct onsite visits to understand your environment, train your staff, and do the pre-work or mapping needed to hit productivity targets sooner. Program includes:

  • Pre-deployment and onboarding session(s) to define deployment needs and program success metrics
  • Onsite training and deployment
  • Post-deployment follow-up to guarantee success

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As part of our post-deployment program, we have timeline-based benchmarking to help you assess your progress from the Adoption Phase (initial weeks) through the Productivity Phase (which is optimized on an ongoing basis).

We have best-in-class hourly usage

targets that are proven to help your teams optimize performance faster.

Customers often get competitive

and exceed our targets of 15 hours of autonomous runtime per robot in their first week of usage.

Healthy robotic adoption is, for example,

20 hours of weekly usage vs. 2 hours, which is what most clients who have previously tried robotics manage.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success Managers specialize in change management and are here to work hand-in-hand alongside your team(s).

1. Onboarding Success:

Before deploying, our team sits down with you to identify risk factors and establish KPIs to measure adoption outcomes and success.

  • For example, if your environment has potential obstacles, our team will provide consultation on how to make adjustments before launch.
  • We’ve learned that preventative maintenance practices are crucial to achieving your performance targets and have the guidance and training to help your teams keep your robots in tip-top shape.
2. Program Launch Support

Rolling out a collaborative robotics program requires thoughtful internal and external communications to create awareness and excitement.<

  • Our teams are armed with email templates, executive talking points, and external comms examples to ensure the launch facilitates successful program adoption.
3. Real-Time Dashboard and Automated Reporting:

Track the real-time performance of your robots for data that can guide decision-making. Pair actionable insight with continuous expert guidance to drive targeted improvements in productivity and robotic effectiveness.

  • Our Customer Success specialists can also partner on custom analytics solutions to support the achievement of previously agreed to KPIs.
4. Ongoing Strategic Guidance:

Regular partnership touchpoints like Operational Reviews help you establish and achieve new metrics of operational success.

  • Our teams stay after onboarding. We have developed industry-leading resources based on years of experience to support your adoption journey: robot scheduling templates, manager playbooks, program scorecards, and much more.
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Technical Support and Always-On Resources

  • Always-On Resources: Visit our help center to answer common questions at any time—bite-sized how-to videos, FAQs, best practices, and more.
  • Online Store: Consumables and robot accessories are always available for purchase in our online store. You can buy anything from a maintenance chart, an extra vacuum brush, and even a nametag for the latest member of your team!
  • Customer Care: Have a question? Connect with a technical expert for troubleshooting via phone or email during our business hours from 9 am to 7 pm EST.
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Repairs and Replacement Program

Swap Program: Our zero-added cost swap program guarantees minimal downtime if your robot needs to be repaired.
  • If your robot needs repair or is inoperable, SoftBank Robotics will ship you a replacement unit while we arrange for the pick-up of your old unit as covered by Terms and Conditions.
  • All previously created maps will be automatically transferred to your new unit and no remapping is required.

Repair Kits: If wear-and-tear causes a hardware component to fail, we will ship a repair kit with replacement parts and tools, as needed, to resolve the issue. Each repair kit has associated documentation and everything you need to make the repair easy.


To learn more about our best-in-class service offerings,visit our FAQ page.

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