As commercial cleaning companies look to help their clients meet new cleaning standards to provide a safe and healthy environment for all customers, it's not a new professional tool that will help them. Rather, it’s something that helps companies make the most out of the resources they already have: data.

We’ve compiled the ultimate mini-guide to help you prioritize data-driven cleaning and create a safe environment for employees and clients. 

This comprehensive mini-guide covers:

The Value of a Data-Driven Cleaning Approach 

  • Take teams to maximum efficiency 
  • Boost staff engagement 
  • Set a new standard for customer satisfaction 

Using Automation for a Verifiable & Trackable Clean 

  • Access daily cleaning reports for proof of performance
  • Standardize cleaning routes across different teams
  • Use data to improve routes and increase efficiency over time

Making the Shift to a Data-Driven Cleaning Strategy

  • Evaluate challenges
  • Choose the right partner 
  • Set specific goals 
  • Involve key stakeholders 
  • Support everybody in implementation 

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