Whiz: Commercial Cleaning Robot For The Modern Workplace

Create a safe and healthy work environment to bring people back to work.

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Restore trust in the office.

Workplaces are rapidly evolving to attract and retain top talent, increase productivity, foster collaboration and innovation, and drive revenue. As offices reinvent what it means to go to work post-pandemic, business operations need to adapt quickly to balance the benefits of both remote flexibility and in-person inspiration. The on-site employee experience must be reimagined to meet and exceed employee expectations for health and safety.  

Whiz can help you reimagine the modern workplace. It thoroughly and consistently cleans office floors, measurably improving indoor air quality with every route it completes. But Whiz isn’t just a physical change, it’s an emotional one. As Whiz works throughout the day, smartly navigating around people and obstacles, its presence is a visible confirmation of your organization’s investment in health and safety.

Whiz helps your office:

Differentiate by innovation
back to work
Reinvent going back to work
exceed expectations
Exceed employee expectations
Reimagine employee collaboration

Design a Safe & Healthy Work Environment

1. Contactless

By replacing manual vacuuming with a commercial robot vacuum, you can minimize direct contact between your employees, clients, and cleaning staff while covering more square footage.

2. Marketable

Leveraging top standards for human robot interaction (HRI), Whiz is safe, friendly, approachable, and a curiosity. A highly visible part of your operation, Whiz is an ambassador for your health and safety investments.

3. Adaptive

Thanks to the power of AI, Whiz is always getting smarter. Whiz adapts to changes in the cleaning environment in real-time, and can easily handle modifications to programmed routes.

4. Visible

Employees and visitors alike appreciate seeing Whiz, knowing it helps keep them safe and healthy. Whiz is a visual demonstration of your commitment to your employees’ well-being.

5. Data-Driven

Whiz provides measurable proof of clean and data-driven insights to improve cleaning performance continuously. With Whiz Connect, stakeholders can easily access reports, track ROI, and see what, when, and how each space is cleaned in real-time.

6. Effective

Whiz provides a consistent, effective clean and doesn’t spot clean or skip areas. You get 99.8% area coverage and 99.9% pathogen removal—every time.

Coworkers working in the office during the pandemic

Increasing Employee Safety With A Data-Driven Clean

More than just a commercial robot vacuum, Whiz is constantly gathering data as it cleans. This data, including the routes used to clean, when it was in use, where it cleaned, and how long it ran is stored in the cloud and can be accessed via Whiz Connect. The data is available in near real-time, simplifying reporting such as ROI analysis.

Whiz Connect provides stakeholders with a complete performance picture including data-driven analytics. This means users can not only effectively manage their fleet, they can also continually improve cleaning quality — and track ROI in a measurable way.

Workplace Cleaning Data Dashboard

The Healthy & Safe Cleaning Checklist for Workplaces

In this comprehensive cleaning checklist you’ll discover:

  • How to implement clear communication policies about new cleaning protocols
  • How to develop an intensive cleaning plan that follow CDC guidelines
  • What building updates to make to support safe environments
  • What should be included in your long-term cleaning plans

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Office Cleaning Checklist Preview

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