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Enhance the office experience, optimize overall health and safety, and have more time to sanitize group and individual work areas.

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Make clean a differentiator in attracting the workforce. 

Thorough, high-quality cleanliness is pivotal to cultivating healthy, dynamic, and productive contemporary workplace environments. However, staffing constraints, low or inconsistent cleaning quality, and the rising expectations of in-office workers make it more challenging than ever to rise to standard operating procedures (SOPs). And when cleaning service teams’ days are filled with monotonous, dull, and occasionally dangerous tasks, many operations leaders see a negative impact on employee engagement, work-related injuries, and productivity at large.

As operational costs continue their upward trajectory, workplace maintenance and cleaning leaders face even greater pressure to solve their labor challenges, optimize their resources, and motivate custodial staff within their available budgets.

The solution? Integrated office-cleaning robots, such as Whiz and Scrubber 50 Pro, help workplace custodial teams deliver a more consistent and superior quality of cleanliness, whether vacuuming carpeted conference rooms or scrubbing and dust mopping hard floors. Reallocating these repetitive yet critical cleaning duties to your service robotics frees up your staff for higher value-based activities, like sanitizing group and individual workspaces, which ultimately contribute to an improved workforce experience.

Modern workplace facilities benefit from optimized operations as a result of SoftBank Robotics’ solutions:

Up to 25%

more team efficiency through the automation of repetitive cleaning tasks

Up to 50%

more time to devote to deep cleaning

Up to 8x

less airborne dust and allergens compared to manual vacuuming


Improve your reputation and drive maximum workspace occupancy.

Case Study: Cleaning Companies Boost Productivity, Lower Costs, and Improve Customer Satisfaction

In this case study, discover how our partnership with Core Facility Services eased cleaning challenges and improved cleaning operations by: 

  • Reducing cleaning times by 50%
  • Enabling new sanitizing services
  • Offering data-driven “proof of clean” to customers

Download The Case Study Here


Cost-effective, streamlined solutions that meet the demands of modern workplaces.

1. Superior quality and “always up to date”

The modern office building requires superior quality and consistency of service to win employer accolades and keep employees healthy and focused. Our commercial-grade solutions are engineered to execute tasks more efficiently and stay always “up to date,” thanks to cutting-edge AI capabilities and responsive navigation. Operating system updates occur while your robots work, so you can enjoy continuous improvement to robot capabilities without service interruptions.

Powered by their intuitive design and automated services, our office solutions work in concert with your existing staff and require minimal supervision. The end result? You accomplish 100% of the tasks outlined in your SOPs. Let our innovative solutions cover repetitive work while your custodial teams prioritize high-value and high-impact responsibilities, such as sanitizing individual and group work areas.

2. Visible and documented proof of service

Capture critical context and make better-informed decisions with help from our near real-time, data-driven reporting capabilities. As our robots execute their tasks, you can directly view their performance and maintenance needs via our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, enabling you to confidently complete SOPs, collaborate across your team, and better manage your robotic fleet. 

Because our customers can use our solutions during working hours, our service robotics offer additional visibility and proof to office employees that they are in a clean and safe work area. Plus, our service robotics demonstrate your continued commitment to invest in the latest cleaning technology.

3. Certainty from guaranteed fixed costs

We provide guaranteed fixed-cost rates for defined time periods, including repairs at no cost to you. Our goal is to enable our customers to budget more accurately because they are balancing fixed expenses (compared to variable operational costs). In addition to improved planning and forecasting, our fixed-cost solutions help mitigate rising operations costs, boost workspace occupancy, and increase customer confidence in the quality of their cleaning services.

4. Higher-value activity focus

SoftBank Robotics’ solutions hone labor and productivity while staying mindful of the available budget. Deploy robots for the repetitive, dull, and occasionally hazardous cleaning tasks that currently occupy your team’s working hours and give them time back to focus on services that improve overall wellness and safety, including disinfecting group and individual workstations. In addition to greater staff engagement, you’ll foster a safer, healthier, and more rewarding workplace.

5. Return on workforce experience

Both the workforce and custodial staff enjoy seeing our robotic solutions at work. They differentiate your facility as an exciting office space, and you’re better able to balance new technologies with worker motivation and retention.

Our solutions are visible proof that building occupants are in a safe and clean space, which contributes to their overall experience at work, enhances your reputation, and encourages maximum workspace occupancy.


Why SoftBank Robotics?

Your success is our success! Leading workplace facilities trust our integrated, robotic solutions.


Market Leader

As part of the largest technology fund in the world, our depth of robotic experience, research, and knowledge leads the market with over 35,000 robotic solutions successfully deployed in service industries globally.


Focus on Service Up-Time

With white glove services, including onboarding, deployment, operations reviews, and a world-class on-call technical support structure, our market-leading integrated, robotic solutions can be adopted quickly and successfully in virtually any facility.

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Proven Business Value with Risk Mitigation

Industry standard-setting methodologies drive the adoption of collaborative robots and deliver proven business value, guaranteed (subject to requirements).

Improve operational efficiency with data-driven solutions.

SoftBank Robotics Connect, our proprietary data and reporting platform, constantly gathers data from its integrated robots as they clean. It stores information about routes followed, assists needed, runtime, and other insights in the cloud. Access data in near real-time to guide reporting and optimization opportunities. 

The SBR Connect dashboard is also your entry point to efficiently managing a broader robotics ecosystem. Facility managers can operate a fleet of robots across many locations through a single cloud-based interface. From the SBR Connect dashboard, users can effectively manage their fleets, while managers can track ROI.

Health Industry Data

Guide: How to Create a Data-Driven Cleaning Strategy

Want to make better-informed decisions with your cleaning strategy? Then it’s time to start leveraging your data. In our comprehensive guide, you’ll learn: 

  • How to collect and use data to optimize your cleaning procedures.
  • The ways in which data-driven cleaning can increase customer satisfaction.
  • How smart, autonomous cleaning equipment can improve your data acquisition efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I optimize office cleaning operations?

Like other components of office maintenance work, optimizing your cleaning team’s efforts requires the right investments in upskilling, equipment, and supplies. Office cleaning teams that integrate automation where possible — and train their people on the best ways to use this technology — enjoy scaling productivity as their automated solutions take over more tasks. That’s because — in addition to tackling mundane duties independently — automated technologies allow your existing staff to spend their time tending to high-impact work they otherwise would not have addressed.

How can I improve cleaning productivity and operations for my workplace facility?

With high turnover rates, inexperienced new talent, and employee disengagement on the rise, solving the labor challenge is vital to improved cleaning productivity. Mundane, time-consuming cleaning tasks like vacuuming and sweeping are a major contributing factor to job dissatisfaction and low worker retention. By offloading these responsibilities to service robotics, your team will have time to properly train new team members and focus on tasks they find more engaging. The end result is a happier, more productive workforce.

How can I meet and optimize SOPs with limited cleaning resources for every office cleaning process?

Standard operating procedure completion is critical to creating a best-in-class experience for office employees and validating the success of your efforts to stakeholders. If your team has limited bandwidth and struggles to meet the expectations set by your SOPs, new technologies like automated service robotics should be part of the solution. These cost-effective resources help custodial leaders stay within budget while maximizing employees’ time spent executing daily cleaning procedures.

How can I control or reduce the cost of cleaning operations for my workplace while still meeting SOPs?

Fixed-cost solutions, such as our industry-leading cleaning robotics and services, help office management teams counteract the variable, increasing expenses of custodial labor and better anticipate budgetary needs in the future. Dynamic staffing, cross-training, and data-driven scheduling can also alleviate the amount of spend allocated to your cleaning human resources.

How can I more accurately plan for essential cleaning services at my workplace?

Cleaning management teams may have historically struggled to anticipate the time, money, and resources required to complete vital cleaning services for workplace facilities. In today’s data-driven world, many are turning to smarter cleaning solutions that capture service performance analytics while they execute their tasks. This adds essential context for informed decision-making during budget planning and resource allocation conversations.

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