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To overcome health and safety concerns and draw shoppers back to brick and mortar stores, retailers need to implement new ways to deliver an exceptional in-store shopping experience.

Customer expectations, buying patterns, and perceptions of public health are forever changed. However, while online shopping has exploded in popularity, shopping in-store is still very important to customers who want to see and touch items before purchasing them. In this guide, you’ll discover seven ways to reinvent the brick and mortar shopping experience.

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  • 86% of shoppers prefer this checkout method (it’s not handing you cash...)
  •  A way to provide shoppers with a “frictionless” checkout that gets them in-and-out of stores quickly and efficiently
  • The purchasing method that has increased 208% year-over-year (and shows no signs of slowing down)
  • Do this ahead of time to avoid costly errors and customer complaints for curbside pickups
  • A new technology that increases purchases while lowering returns
  • How to overcome health and safety concerns before and during the shopping experience
  • And much more…

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