Elevating humanity through robotics

    At SoftBank Robotics, we’re committed to leveraging collaborative robotics to elevate human work. Our robots are designed to help.  We’re here to make sure they help the right way, enriching the human experience—how we work, how we learn, how we connect, and how we grow.

    Our global leadership.

    Supporting our core team in San Francisco, SoftBank Robotics’ leadership spans the globe from Tokyo to France, offering a combined 130 years of technical expertise.


    Fumihide Tomizawa
    President & CEO


    Kazutaka Hasumi
    EVP, Chief Creative Officer


    Kenichi “Kent” Yoshida
    EVP, Chief Business Officer


    Kazuo Nohara
    Vice President & CISO, CCO


    Manabu Matsuura


    Dai Sakata
    EVP, CTO Software

    Akiho Shibata Thumb

    Akiho Shibata
    EVP, Chief Technology Officer

    Our core team.

    The heart of SoftBank Robotics is in San Francisco. These are the humans bringing our robots to life and building the foundation for the future.


    Brady Watkins


    Naoki Mikoshiba
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Management and Operations

    David headshot 5

    David Trowbridge
    Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships

    Kass Dawson

    Kass Dawson
    Vice President of Brand Strategy and Communications


    Karen Wood-Maris
    Vice President of Revenue Operations and Customer Experience

    Katya Akudovich
    Vice President of New Business and Strategic Growth


    Dianna Wilusz
    Vice President of People Experience and Operations


    Bee Bee Nie
    Vice President of Finance and Accounting

    Jordan Sun Headshot 2-1

    Jordan Sun
    Vice President of Product, Design, and Engineering


    Ryan Valentine
    Senior Director, Robot and Fleet Management

    Become a part of the future – join the team at SoftBank Robotics.

    We’re always looking for talented, forward-thinking people to help us build a better tomorrow.

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