Webinar: Automation, Future of Work & Fourth Industrial Revolution 101


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When: May 11, 2020 at 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET

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McKinsey & Company predicts that 39% of all jobs held by Black workers, totaling 7 million, are now vulnerable to temporary or permanent disruption because of #coronaviris. McKinsey goes on to predict that an additional 4.5 million jobs will be loss this decade due to automation. Collectively, this accelerates our communities income inequality, wealth inequity and road to zero wealth by 2053.

RadioOne, Morehouse College, OHUB and Momentum Learning are joining forces to discuss this jobs crisis and offer immediate scalable solutions to acquire new skills for the new jobs and to build startup companies in the future of work, fourth industrial revolution and beyond as a path to income equality, economic mobility, shared prosperity and multi-generational wealth with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth.
Join Kass Dawson, Vice President of Brand Strategy & Communications and fellow panelists for a discussion of that fourth industrial revolution and the future of work. 
Panel Details: 

Automation, Future of Work & Fourth Industrial Revolution 101

Shellye Archambeau, CEO, Silicon Valley leader, Board member for Verizon, Nordstrom and Roper Technologies, Okta Inc Advisor to RBC Capital Markets; Author, Unapologetically Ambitious: Take Risks, Break Barriers, and Create Success on Your Own Terms (October 2020)

Timnit Gebru, Computer Scientist & Technical Co-Lead, The Ethical Artificial Intelligence Team at Google

John McElligott, Founder & CEO, York Exponential

Kass Dawson, Vice President of Brand Strategy & Communications, SoftBank Robotics America