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Improve patient outcomes, reduce infections, and have more time for sanitizing and cleaning high-touch surfaces.

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Cleaner, safer, healthier environments for patients and medical staff.  

Healthcare facility cleanliness is paramount to the well-being and safety of patients and medical staff. However, environmental labor challenges and inconsistent service quality can stand in the way of standard operating procedures. Plus, when cleaning staff’s responsibilities are routinely filled with repetitive, tedious tasks, healthcare facility management teams often experience more worker injuries, lower work engagement, and reduced operational efficiency. 

In the face of rising operational costs, hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare facilities must find new solutions to optimize their resources and motivate staff within their allocated budget.

Hospital-cleaning robots, such as Whiz and Scrubber 50 Pro, support your environmental services staff by yielding a consistent, high-quality cleaning performance for soft and hard floors, including hospital hallways, waiting rooms, and other common, high-trafficked areas. Their responsive design helps them navigate safely around your facility at all hours, which means that your hospital staff can dedicate more time toward higher value-based services — such as sanitizing and deep-cleaning high-touch surfaces — that also promote higher worker engagement and job satisfaction.

Hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare facilities benefit from optimized operations as a result of SoftBank Robotics’ solutions:

25,000 ft²

floor space autonomously covered by one of our robots in under 6 hours

Up to 50%

reduction in the number of human hours spent scrubbing and vacuuming
suitcase-up-220 (1)
an opportunity to upskill the workforce on in-demand technology skills

Case Study: Top 5 U.S. Hospital Network Improves Labor Reliability and Cleanliness with S50 Pro

Learn how two S50 Pro robotic floor scrubbers helped a leading healthcare organization to:

  • Decrease the number of hours spent scrubbing floors by 50%
  • Deliver a more reliable and superior quality documented clean
  • Cover approximately 50,000 square feet of floor space autonomously each shift

Download The Case Study Here



Case Study: Cleaning Companies Boost Productivity, Lower Costs, and Improve Customer Satisfaction

In this case study, discover how our partnership with Core Facility Services eased cleaning challenges and improved cleaning operations by: 

  • Reducing cleaning times by up to 50%
  • Enabling new sanitizing services
  • Offering documented “proof of clean” to customers

Download The Case Study Here


Evolve healthcare cleaning services with the most trusted robotics partner

1. Superior quality and “always up to date”

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities demand superior quality and consistency of cleaning services to keep their staff, patients, and visitors safe and healthy. Our commercial-grade solutions equip healthcare facility teams to execute their tasks more efficiently, thanks to our best-in-class AI capabilities that keep systems always “up to date” and responsive to environmental changes. To provide uninterrupted improvements to performance over time, operating system updates can run in the background while your robots complete their scheduled routes.

Once fully integrated into your existing cleaning operations, our robotic solutions fulfill dull, repetitive tasks and work alongside your environmental staff with minimal management. That means you spend less time overseeing and more time completing tasks, tending to high-touch services, and achieving standard operating procedures (SOPs).

2. Visible and documented proof of service

Meet — and exceed — your SOPs confidently with near real-time, insights-based reporting. Our data-driven robotic solutions offer proof of service that assures management teams and patients alike of your cleaning services quality. Our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, gives our customers a clear window into their cleaning performance, maintenance needs, and fleet management so they can make smarter decisions that maximize ROI.

Plus, because your environment staff can use our service robotics throughout the day, our solutions provide a visual proof of clean and remind patients and staff of your ongoing commitment to, and investment in, cutting-edge cleaning capabilities.

3. Certainty from guaranteed fixed costs

To help healthcare management teams plan their budgets with greater accuracy, we offer guaranteed fixed costs for defined periods of time, including no-cost repairs. Compared to always-increasing, variable cleaning costs, our service robotics help management teams improve operating margins, increase confidence in your cleaning services, and mitigate rising labor costs — such as wages and staff turnover.

4. Higher-value activity focus

Optimize labor and productivity within your available budget with our automated solutions. Healthcare facilities that deploy our robots to address their repetitive, dull, and sometimes dangerous cleaning tasks find that their environmental staff can instead focus on the complementary, high-touch, and value-based detail work that is necessary to improve patient outcomes. This, in turn, contributes to greater staff engagement and safer, healthier, and more rewarding work environments.

5. Return on patient experience

Patients and medical staff enjoy seeing our robotic solutions at work. They differentiate your healthcare facility and offer a cost-effective solution to leverage the best of both technology and your people. 

With visible proof that your patients are in a clean, safe, and healthy environment, you can benefit from improved patient experience and rankings within the healthcare system, which ultimately lead to enhanced reputation and greater profitability for your healthcare facility.


Why SoftBank Robotics?

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Leading healthcare facilities trust our integrated robotic solutions.


Market Leader

As part of the largest technology fund in the world, our depth of robotic experience, research, and knowledge leads the market with over 35,000 robotic solutions successfully deployed in service industries globally.


Focus on Service Up-Time

With white glove services, including onboarding, deployment, operations reviews, and a world-class on-call technical support structure, our market-leading integrated, robotic solutions can be adopted quickly and successfully in virtually any facility.

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Proven Business Value with Risk Mitigation

Industry standard-setting methodologies drive the adoption of collaborative robots and deliver proven business value, guaranteed (subject to requirements).

Improve operational efficiency with data-driven solutions.

SoftBank Robotics Connect, our proprietary data and reporting platform, constantly gathers data from its integrated robots as they clean. It stores information about routes followed, assists needed, runtime, and other insights in the cloud. Access data via SBR Connect in near real-time to guide reporting and optimization opportunities. 

The SBR Connect dashboard is also your entry point to efficiently managing a broader robotics ecosystem. Facility managers can operate cleaning robots across hospitals, medical offices, and other locations through a single cloud-based interface. Through the dashboard, users can effectively manage their fleets, while managers can track ROI.

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  • How to anticipate surges in telehealth
  • Steps to reinforce that staff health and safety are top priorities. 
  • How to provide clean and sterile work environments

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I optimize my hospital, healthcare facility, or medical office cleaning operations?

To optimize cleaning operation performance, hospitals and healthcare facilities should start by revisiting their existing cleaning protocols, ensuring they’ve captured tasks that are critical to reducing the spread of germs and pathogens, especially in high-contact, high-trafficked areas. Improving your current team’s productivity may also require new investments in cleaning technologies, such as UV disinfection devices and cleaning service robotics. 

Regardless of where your organization stands in the industry, staying current with infection control policies and evolving healthcare standards is also imperative.

How can I improve cleaning productivity for my healthcare facility?

Maximizing the productivity of your environment staff is particularly critical for teams that are frequently short-staffed or grappling with other resource challenges. If your team comprises newer cleaning talent, start by investigating your training programs and upskilling where you see gaps in current performance. 

You may also unintentionally hinder your staff by giving them the wrong tools for the job. Take stock of your existing equipment, and look for places where new, innovative technologies — such as automation and service robotics — can streamline your cleaning tasks.

How can I meet and optimize SOPs with limited hospital cleaning resources?

If your organization is not currently able to deliver results that satisfy your standard operating procedures, start by assessing and documenting current performance, making note of the tasks that most often fail to meet quality expectations. By understanding these gaps, you can then decide and invest in the best strategies to improve shortcomings, including new training programs, technology solutions, and improved resource allocation, that will best position your team to succeed. 

Remember that optimizing SOPs is an ongoing process that requires commitment to improvement over time. Routine audits and inspections will help deter future regressions and flag opportunities to drive greater impact.

How can I control the cost of cleaning operations at my hospital or healthcare facility?

Controlling the cost of hospital cleaning operations requires operations leaders to find more efficient staffing procedures, technology integrations, and performance monitoring. Calibrate staffing levels by prioritizing the highest-impact spaces of your facilities, and consider cross-training employees to unlock greater flexibility in how you schedule and allocate resources. Integrating new tech innovations offers a twofold benefit for reducing costs, as these solutions both maximize the efficiency of your existing staff and provide a fixed-cost alternative to other variable-cost resourcing options. 

Monitoring the performance of both your human team and the technologies they use can also further inform your budget planning and decision-making.

How can I more accurately plan and forecast for essential cleaning services at my hospital or healthcare facility?

To better benchmark, plan, and forecast resourcing needs, healthcare management teams should consider how they can better capture and leverage their facility data. For example, historical reports on the number of patient admissions and capacity levels may illuminate seasonality trends or other patterns to anticipate when you’ll need more or fewer environmental staff throughout the year.

As you look to incorporate data and analytics into your cleaning operations, you should also invest in technologies that can capture and report on their performance, as these tools will simplify gathering data and making informed decisions from insights gleaned.

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