Whiz: Commercial Robot Vacuum For Healthcare Facilities

Create a safe & healthy environment for patients & staff while exceeding cleanliness expectations.

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Whiz Commercial Robot Vacuum Cleans Hospital Carpet

Clean Floors Are More Critical Than Ever in Healthcare Facilities. Let Whiz Take Care of It.

Due to the anxiety and fear of contracting COVID-19, patients are avoiding critical medical care, and healthcare professionals are reluctant to return to work. Hospitals are reporting as much as a 50% drop in the number of emergency room visits, while 60,000 healthcare workers have been infected with COVID-19.

To help reduce patient fears as well as employee worries in the workplace, your healthcare facility needs to provide and showcase a clean and sterile environment.

Fortunately, Whiz can help healthcare facilities regain critical cleaning time by redirecting labor away from mundane, repetitive cleaning tasks like vacuuming hallways and waiting areas. Instead, cleaning teams can spend their time focusing on additional deep cleaning and sanitizing efforts that patients now demand.

Gain 50% more time for deep cleaning & sanitizing while also achieving:

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Boost to Team Efficiency Through Automation of Repetitive Tasks
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Less Airborne Dust And Allergens Kicked Up Compared to Manual Vacuuming
Happier Worker Icon
Happier Workers Through a Reduction in Repetitive And Injury-Inducing Tasks
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An Increase in Job Satisfaction

Designing a Safe & Healthy Patient Experience

1. Contactless

By utilizing a commercial robot vacuum, you can successfully minimize direct contact between patients and cleaning staff to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

2. Accurate

Expectations of a clean environment are met with virtually error-proof results. Whiz doesn’t skip areas or vary in cleaning consistency, instead, you get 99.8% area coverage and 99.9% removal of pathogens.

3. Adaptive

Utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence, Whiz gets smarter and adapts to changes in the cleaning environment in real-time and can easily handle modifications to programmed routes.

4. Visible

Patients appreciate seeing Whiz, knowing it is helping to keep them safe and healthy while demonstrating your commitment to their wellbeing.

5. Analytical Insights

Stakeholders have access to real-time analytics that show what is happening, where it is happening, and when it happened, providing them with a proof of clean.

6. Proven Capabilities

Already trusted by leading healthcare facilities, the technology has been pressure tested and provides clear milestones for success and a world-class support structure to enable fast adoption in any facility.

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Increase Patient Safety With A
Data-Driven Clean

Most importantly, Whiz is more than just a commercial robot vacuum. As Whiz cleans, it collects data about its route that includes when, where, and how long it ran. This data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed in near real-time via Whiz Connect, simplifying access to reports, and ROI analysis.

Whiz Connect keeps track of several metrics, providing a complete performance picture. Its data-driven analytics features mean customers can not only manage their fleet effectively, they can continually improve cleaning quality — and track ROI in a measurable way.

Healthcare Cleaning Data Dashboard

3 Strategies Healthcare Facilities Are Implementing to Build Patient & Staff Trust

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  • Alternatives to a waiting room that can help maintain social distancing (and how to handle patients being evaluated for COVID-19 or possible COVID-19).
  • How to prepare for a surge in telehealth.
  • Steps to take to demonstrate to employees that their health and safety is a top priority.

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