Introducing Vacuum 40

A 3-in-1 solution designed and applicable to both hard and soft floor types, Vacuum 40 (Vac 40) is an ideal solution for commercial spaces, from hospitality environments to schools, with large common areas and lobbies.


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Robotic Vacuuming Expert for Large Commercial Spaces

The newest addition to our suite of autonomous floor cleaning solutions, Vac 40, is a 3-in-1 solution that vacuums, sweeps, and dust mops. Vac 40 works alongside human teams and other robotics solutions, like Whiz, to give staff time back to focus on other high-value tasks. Vac 40 achieves simultaneous vacuuming and sweeping on carpets, as well as sweeping and dry mopping on hard floors. Supported by LiDAR and 3D cameras, it can identify floor types and switch to the suitable cleaning mode autonomously.

  • With the optional charging dock, Vac 40 can perform power charging by itself for maximum efficiency.


Enjoy a Deep and Thorough Clean

Vac 40 cleans along the edges of walls and barriers at zero distance with side brushes and high-precision sensors, effortlessly picking up fine dust and debris. This innovative machine is equipped with an anti-static and highly elastic roller brush that reaches deep into carpet fibers without damaging the carpet. Offering three vacuuming modes to cater to varying cleaning needs, Vac 40 has you covered - whether it’s a light, medium or deep clean.


How Vac 40 can help you:

Vac 40 is reinventing the way cleaning is performed. Harness the power of collaborative robotics and actionable data to drive new levels of value for your business.

Direct Buyers:

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Vacuum along programmed routes—while freeing your human staff to perform higher value cleaning tasks.

Optional features deliver even higher levels of autonomous support, minimizing the need for human intervention while maximizing environmental cleanliness.

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The competitive entry price for Vac 40 is just the beginning. When paired with the right strategy, Vac 40 can strengthen worker retention, support marketing, and add new levels of value to your organization.

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From onboarding through operations, SBRA’s team of troubleshooting robot experts are available to answer questions and provide support at every step of your journey.


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SBRA's proprietary data and reporting platform allows end users to track and navigate all solutions in their robotic ecosystem. This intercommunication means Vac 40 isn’t a product—it’s your entry point into distributing a robotic ecosystem.

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SBRA delivers a multi-level, proprietary white-glove service that takes your customers through customized deployment, training services, and ongoing support in their workplace transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I optimize my cleaning operations?

For teams that have, up until this point, relied solely on their human staff to complete cleaning tasks, automation can exponentially accelerate operations optimization and overall productivity. Our service robotics, such as Vac 40 automate critical, yet time-consuming cleaning duties — including vacuuming, sweeping, and dust mopping — freeing up your team to tackle other high-impact work that is imperative to achieve the highest-quality clean and continue to satisfy rising customer expectations.

2. How can I improve my team’s cleaning productivity?

Operations and maintenance leaders need to find methods to keep their cleaning staff engaged and productive, or they will risk lower efficiency and retention — which will keep them even further away from achieving their standard operating procedures (SOPs).

By employing Vac 40 to take on the most repetitive cleaning responsibilities, your team can get even more done, reduce their burnout, and dedicate their working hours to more engaging objectives.

3. How can I meet and optimize SOPs with limited staff and resources?

Labor challenges and tight budgets can make meeting and exceeding SOPs an ever-mounting challenge. When hiring additional help or allocating more spend for cleaning resources aren’t options, an automated solution like Vac 40 could be the answer. Our all-in-one cleaning robot amplifies your existing team by fulfilling several cleaning service needs, including vacuuming, dust mopping, and sweeping on both hard and soft floors. That means your team will have more time to address gaps in your operating procedures and find ways to improve.

4. How can I better control the cost of cleaning operations?

When the cost of cleaning operations shifts month over month, it can be hard to foresee what a realistic budget should look like — and stay within this financial estimate. To simplify your budget tracking, try avoiding cleaning operations equipment and resources that have a highly variable cost attached. Instead, opt for solutions like our Vac 40, which comes at a guaranteed fixed price for a designated time period.

5. How can I more accurately anticipate essential cleaning services?

Data analytics are critical to monitoring your current cleaning performance and anticipating future needs. Our entire portfolio of robots — including Vac 40 — integrates with our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, to give our clients near real-time insights into their fleet’s utilization and current cleaning capabilities, which can help you make better-informed decisions when additional cleaning needs arise.

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