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    Cobotics, or collaborative robotics, is changing the way humans work–helping us get more done, solving our most unsolvable challenges, and freeing us up to focus on the meaningful work we do best. SoftBank Robotics has created practical robotics and automation solutions that learn and grow, drive productivity and value, and bring innovation to our every day.

    As the only company to successfully commercialize robots, we know what it takes to build service robots that work for you. Plus, we are hands on in making it happen, with processes and teams in place to deliver the end-to-end solutions all of our partners need.

    See how our connected technologies can elevate your business ecosystems.


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    Partner With SoftBank Robotics

    Let's build the future of robotics together! Become a partner today to join a global network of the brightest minds driving the most innovative solutions to make the future of work a reality.

    “We are pleased to be partnering with a leading technology organization, SoftBank Robotics, to expand our existing Workplace Health Solutions portfolio, while offering our customers peace of mind that their office space will be frequently and efficiently cleaned and connected for near-time insights to help facilitate the return to the workplace,” said Peter P. Kowalczuk, president, Canon Solutions America.



    See Why Our Customers SoftBank Robotics’ Solutions

    "Ever since robots joined the team…we’ve show[n] savings of more than 50%. Most importantly, however, we are able to put people in front of guests rather than have highly valued staff members doing simple, yet time-consuming tasks."

    Sheldon Suga, Vice President and Managing Director of Hawks Cay Resort

    "Whiz was very simple and fast to deploy, and the subscription-based model is ideal for our financial planning. Our large telecommunications call center customer raved that Whiz is just another example of continued commitment by BES to customer satisfaction through innovative practices. Consider us more than satisfied."

    Matt Sullivan, CEO of BES Cleaning

    “I don’t have to run back and forth as much, and I can spend more time with the tables.”


    "I like it because instead of all the dirty dishes coming in at the end of the night, we get them throughout my shift.”


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