Trusted, Integrated Robotic Solutions for Assisted- and Senior-Living Facilities

Provide residents with a safer, healthier environment, and enable support for enhanced social engagement and customized services, such as deep cleaning.

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A safer, healthier environment for residents. Improved cleaning results for staff.  

A consistently high standard of cleanliness is a crucial element in creating indoor environments that are safe and healthy for senior residents, caretakers, and other staff. But maintaining cleaning quality that meets Standard Operating Procedures is challenged when operational hurdles — such as short staffing and inconsistent service quality — come into play. Additionally, when repetitive, tedious responsibilities occupy staff time, many senior communities see a direct impact on employee engagement, on-the-job injuries, and productivity at large. The sharp increase in incoming elderly residents over the next five to ten years adds to the challenges and is forecasted to tax senior living facilities beyond their current capabilities. 

Combine all this with mounting demand to combat increasing operational costs, and retirement facility leaders must find a solution to their labor challenges that optimizes their current resources, encourages staff, and maximizes productivity — without stretching the budget. 

Integrated assisted- and senior-living robotic solutions, such as Whiz and Scrubber 50 Pro, are the answer for senior-living management teams seeking new pathways to delivering a superior and more consistent cleaning experience. From vacuuming carpeted recreation rooms to scrubbing hard-floored common areas, our robotic solutions offload repetitive — yet essential — tasks so your cleaning and maintenance teams can prioritize deep-cleaning services and other higher value-based services. Our robots are a welcome attraction for residents, too! 

Assisted and senior living facilities benefit from optimized operations as a result of SoftBank Robotics’ solutions:

Up to 8X

less airborne dust and allergens compared to manual vacuuming
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Optimize operations for higher occupancy

Up to 50%

more time to devote to deep cleaning
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Happier staff through support for value-added service and reduction of repetitive, injury-inducing tasks

Case Study: Cleaning Companies Boost Efficiency, Improve Customer Satisfaction & Retention

In this case study, discover how our partnership with Core Facility Services eased cleaning demand challenges and improved cleaning operations by:

  • Reducing cleaning times by 50%
  • Enabling new sanitizing services
  • Offering data-driven “proof of clean” to customers

Download The Case Study Here



Transform your cleaning operations and improve the resident experience.

1. Superior quality and “always up to date”

Assisted- and senior-living communities demand high-quality, consistent cleanliness to ensure that care workers, senior community members, and other staff are in a clean, healthy, and safe environment. Our commercial-grade solution enables more efficient operational task execution, thanks to our industry-leading AI capabilities that facilitate responsive navigation and always up-to-date performance. Updates to the robot’s operating system occur in the background to avoid interrupting service, providing continuous enhancements to performance over time.

Our robotic solutions are designed to work alongside senior-living staff with little to no oversight, helping you complete 100% of your tasks and satisfy cleaning standard operating procedures (SOPs). Your staff can dedicate their time to higher-value duties, such as deep cleaning and other custom services, while our service robotics cover repetitive, time-consuming tasks in the background.

2. Visible and documented proof of service

Capture operations insights, track proof of cleaning, and accomplish standard operating procedures with near real-time, data-driven reporting. Our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, is designed to integrate fully within your environment and capture performance gains, whether you monitor a single robot or are ready to upscale to an entire fleet of robots.

For additional exposure, our robots’ user-friendly design and responsive navigation allow them to run seamlessly during working hours, which provides visible proof of clean and bonus entertainment for your residents and their guests.

3. Certainty from guaranteed fixed costs

To help manage increasing operational expenses, improve resident occupancy, and execute cleaning services with a higher degree of confidence, SoftBank Robotics’ solutions come with guaranteed fixed costs for a defined period of time, which includes no-cost repairs. Compared to ever-increasing variable costs, our fixed expenses improve accuracy during budget planning and when anticipating resourcing needs.

4. Higher-value activity focus

Unlock the full productivity potential of your staff and optimize your cleaning operations — all while staying within budgetary restraints — with our leading solutions and white-glove service. We help our customers execute a successful robotic adoption program that offloads repetitive, dull, and occasionally dangerous responsibilities from their staff so they can instead direct their attention toward complementary, high-touch, value-based services like custom deep cleaning.

5. Return on resident experience

Residents and cleaning staff love seeing our robotic solutions. It differentiates your assisted- and senior-living facility, all while balancing innovative technology with improved worker retention and engagement.

With visible proof that your residents are in a clean, safe, and healthy environment, your community will benefit from an improved reputation and higher occupancy, ultimately delivering greater profitability for your business.

Healthy Resident Experience

Why SoftBank Robotics?

Your success is our success!
Leading senior-living communities trust our integrated, robotic solutions.


Market Leader

As part of the largest technology fund in the world, our depth of robotic experience, research, and knowledge leads the market with over 35,000 robotic solutions successfully deployed in service industries globally.


Focus on Service Up-Time

With white glove services, including onboarding, deployment, operations reviews, and a world-class on-call technical support structure, our market-leading integrated, robotic solutions can be adopted quickly and successfully in virtually any facility.

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Proven Business Value with Risk Mitigation

Industry standard-setting methodologies drive the adoption of collaborative robots and deliver proven business value, guaranteed (subject to requirements).

Improve operational efficiency with data-driven solutions.

Your robots can do more than keep floors clean. By constantly gathering data about routes and runtime, they deliver insights that can simplify reporting, improve staff scheduling, and guide continual improvement. It’s all stored in the cloud and accessed in near real-time via our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, to optimize productivity.

The SBR Connect dashboard is also your entry point to efficiently managing a broader robotics ecosystem. Team members can operate a fleet of robots across assisted and senior-living locations through a single cloud-based interface. From the SBR Connect dashboard, users can effectively manage their fleets, while managers can track ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve cleaning productivity for my assisted living and senior living facilities?

Enhancing cleaning productivity in assisted- and senior-living communities starts with operationalizing your cleaning routines to ensure processes are well-documented, iterable, and scalable. From there, you’ll want to invest in new pathways for achieving efficiency via user-friendly, innovative commercial cleaning equipment, such as autonomous service robots that can offload essential cleaning responsibilities from strapped team members.

How can I meet SOPs with limited cleaning resources?

Worker shortages, staff illness, and increasing wages for cleaning professionals can all restrict your community’s cleaning resources. To compensate for these hurdles and deliver on SOPs, prioritize tasks that will have the greatest impact on cleanliness, sanitation, and keeping senior residents healthy and safe. Additionally, you can optimize the resources you do have on hand by cross-training them to handle multiple responsibilities and leaning on service robots to take on repetitive tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping.

How can I optimize cleaning operations for senior living communities?

Accurate, timely, and reliable data is instrumental to evaluating your current operations — and finding places for improvement. Our cleaning service robots are constantly collecting data about their routes, run times, and quality of cleanliness, which help you better plan your cleaning strategies in the future, make the best use of your cleaning staff, and anticipate new areas for continual SOP improvement.

How can I control the cost of cleaning operations?

Integrating fixed-cost cleaning resources can help senior living operations and management teams better control their cleaning expenses and avoid exceeding their allocated budgets. As an example, our commercial-grade robotic solutions come with a guaranteed fixed-cost period, including repairs at no additional cost to you, to give our customers greater confidence when anticipating their cleaning resource needs.

How can I more accurately anticipate essential cleaning services?

To more accurately estimate your senior-living community’s cleaning resourcing needs for the future, you’ll need to start by monitoring your performance today. Identify key performance indicators, such as occupancy rates, to inform your forecasts and allocate resources accordingly. Feeding cleaning data to your forecasting model will give you an even clearer image of the actual hours, staff, and cost required to operate at current and anticipated states.

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