Introducing X1

X1 is more than a food delivery robot. It provides a cost-effective, data-backed running and bussing solution for food service industries ready to redesign their service model.

With human-robot collaboration, any organization that relies upon food service can lift the burden of food running and bussing from staff to prioritize higher-value, customer-facing interactions that generate more significant returns. With ongoing support from our team, food service industries gain turnkey service from onboarding to operations.


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Ensure smooth food service with AI-driven intelligence.

Sensor-supported navigation helps X1 navigate any obstacles for smooth food running and bussing. The data-rich online portal helps identify service trends for more informed decision-making.


Automate food service anywhere food is served.

Let X1 relieve your staff from the constant burden of running meals to guests and bussing tables—and allow a higher level of service where it’s needed. X1 can help run food and bus tables in a variety of environments, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality and entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Offices
  • And more

How food delivery robots can help you:

X1 is reinventing the way work is performed. Harness the power of collaborative robotics and actionable data to become a leader in workplace transformation.

Direct Buyers:

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With a 30 kg load capacity, X1 can serve several tables at once, while 14-20 hours of runtime provides all-day service. The result is your staff can prioritize the higher-value, customer-facing interactions that generate big returns.

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X1’s competitive entry price is just the beginning. When paired with the right strategy, X1 can strengthen worker retention, support marketing, and add new levels of value to your organization.

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From onboarding to operations, our team of troubleshooting robot experts are available to answer questions and provide support at every step of your journey.


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Our proprietary data and reporting platform allows end users to track and navigate all solutions in their robotic ecosystem. This intercommunication means X1 isn’t a product—it’s your entry point into distributing a robotic ecosystem.

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We deliver white-glove service that takes your customers through a customized deployment, training services, and ongoing support in their workplace transformation.

“I don’t have to run back and forth as much, and I can spend more time with the tables.”

— Busser

"Instead of all the dirty dishes coming in at the end of the night, we get them throughout my shift.”

— Dishwasher

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I optimize my cleaning operations?

Automation unlocks several pathways to iterate on existing cleaning operations and protocols. Collaborative service robotics, such as Whiz, extend your current maintenance team’s capabilities by vacuuming large commercial spaces independently — which would otherwise require hours of manual labor. With their newfound availability, your team now has the time to address high-value cleaning duties that are essential to elevating your cleaning standard operating procedures and meeting customer expectations.

2. How can I improve my team’s cleaning productivity?

When faced with the same repetitive tasks each day — such as sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping — janitorial and maintenance teams often experience low levels of on-the-job engagement and productivity. Down the line, these issues can contribute to lower efficiency, higher turnover rates, and ultimately suboptimal cleaning services.

By offloading these mundane cleaning responsibilities to a reliable service robot, such as Whiz, you can accomplish the same tasks without burning out your already busy team. While Whiz runs in the background, your staff will now have time to take on far more rewarding — and higher impact — responsibilities.

3. How can I meet and optimize SOPs with limited staff and resources?

Falling short of SOPs is a common symptom for teams that are short on staff or tight on budget. When hiring additional help or allocating more spend aren’t options, an automated solution like Whiz could be the answer. Our commercial robot vacuum is designed to amplify the efforts of your existing team, giving them more time to focus on critical gaps in their operating procedures.

4. How can I better control the cost of cleaning operations?

For a limited time, Whiz comes at a guaranteed fixed price, which can help you mitigate more variable expenses, such as increasing cleaning staff wages.

5. How can I more accurately anticipate essential cleaning services?

Data analytics are critical to monitoring your current cleaning performance and anticipating future needs. Our entire portfolio of robots — including Whiz — integrates with our proprietary data and reporting platform, SoftBank Robotics Connect, to give our clients near real-time insights into their fleet’s utilization and current cleaning capabilities, which can help you make better-informed decisions when additional cleaning needs arise.

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