Whiz: The Autonomous Cleaning Robot for Multifamily Property Operations

Offset Multifamily Maintenance Expenses while Enhancing the Tenant Experience

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Transform Your Approach to Operational Efficiency

High staffing turnover and shortages, coupled with rising material costs, make it harder than ever for multifamily property owners to maximize profit. 

SoftBank Robotics’ autonomous robot vacuum, Whiz, provides the enhanced operational efficiency that multifamily property operations need to improve net operating income (NOI). Using a trusted AI platform, Whiz delivers a higher quality, more efficient clean with proof of performance.

For property owners used to weathering market changes, this is one fixed-cost solution you can count on.

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Autonomous Cleaning Robotics Free Staff to Take on More Meaningful Work 

When multifamily owners and operators automate routine maintenance tasks like vacuuming, staff can address more critical deferred multifamily maintenance needs. 

  • See a 25% boost to team efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks
  • Get happier workers through a reduction in repetitive and injury-inducing tasks
  • Upskill staff to enhance productivity
  • Generate data on peak demand times to improve staff scheduling
  • Offset operating costs for multifamily with more efficient operation

Make Your First Impression Count for More

More tenants expect smart solutions to make their home a more comfortable and high-performing space – but it’s shared spaces that make a first impression. Robotic cleaning solutions are the tech-fueled differentiator multifamily property operations need to efficiently elevate common areas. 

  • Deliver 50% cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming
  • Kick up 8x less airborne dust and allergens than manual vacuuming
  • Leverage data-driven proof-of-clean to boost tenant retention
  • Differentiate through innovation

"Wow" tenants with autonomous cleaning robots – and the data that proves your robots deliver a cleaner, healthier living experience. This is the neighbor your tenants want.

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Expand the Reach of Your Automation

Solutions like Whiz constantly gather data as they clean. Through the Whiz Connect online dashboard, staff can gain insight into routes used, peak demand times, and other key data that can guide decision-making. 

The Whiz Connect dashboard is also your entry point to efficiently managing a robotic ecosystem. Property managers can track the performance of their Whiz unit(s) through this single cloud-based interface. From the Whiz Connect dashboard, users can effectively manage their fleets and continually improve cleaning quality, while property owners can measurably track ROI.

Guide: Boost NOI (Net Operation Income) Without Raising Rents, Hiring Extra Staff, or Cutting Amenities

With rising costs, record-breaking labor shortages, and high inflation, previously effective strategies to raise NOI are no longer sustainable and could even backfire. Read the free guide to learn how you can potentially lower operational costs while adding new value to the resident experience. 



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