For many employees, the thought of returning to the workplace for the first time in months raises valid concerns about their health and wellbeing. They want assurances that their workplace is clean and that their employer is doing everything they can to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.
A clean workplace today goes well beyond simply vacuuming under desks and emptying the trash cans. Employee expectations now include frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces, sanitizing of common areas like breakrooms, deep cleaning of restrooms, all aspects of what is considered a “continuous clean.”
In the Guide for the Workplace: Returning to a Safe & Healthy Environment you’ll discover:
  • A new resource that is helping more companies than ever achieve a continuous clean
  • 3 ways a clean workplace directly boosts employee health and safety
  • How to overcome the biggest culprit that slows down cleaning teams
  • The most important part of the office to clean for better air quality
  • One way your organization can demonstrate its commitment to employee health and safety

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