About the Webinar

In a new webinar from SoftBank Robotics, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges higher education institutions face in reopening after COVID-19 and identify strategies for a successful reopening. A clean environment won’t be enough to instill trust in anxious students and faculty — it will take clear messaging, a long-term plan and communication of cleanliness data to build credibility. Through this webinar, you’ll gain a checklist of strategies to meet today’s challenges and clear steps on how to implement them.

In this on-demand webinar, the host will discuss critical steps including:

  • Where to find information on reopening timelines and your requirements for each phase.
  • The best way to implement new cleaning policies and procedures and how to accommodate staffing needs.
  • The potential of autonomous solutions to improve cleaning processes and free up labor. 

Watch a discussion about the new state of the Higher Education industry and how autonomous solutions can help you to reopen safely.


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