Students and faculty alike are nervous about returning to close quarters of higher education facilities in the fall. However, many colleges and universities are planning for in-person classes, which will require institutions to take new steps to assure all stakeholders of their safety.

To help institutions be successful, we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist that draws upon official federal guidance and suggestions from industry leaders to help you prioritize efforts to reduce infections while encouraging student enrollment and faculty retention.

This comprehensive checklist covers:

Implementing Clear Communication Policies

  • Identifying which state or local authorities are in charge of reopening, including timelines and precautions
  • Working with suppliers to determine the availability of critical cleaning supplies
  • Creating staff procedures for social distancing, sick day policies and communicating cleanliness procedures to faculty, future students, and parents.

Developing An Intensive Cleaning Plan

  • CDC guidelines and exceptions for cleaning requirements
  • Consistently scheduled carpet cleaning
  • Limiting use of communal office spaces like dining halls

Building Updates To Support Safe Environments

  • Consider adding transmission barriers at high-contact areas
  • Where to add sanitation and disinfecting stations
  • Checking HVAC filters consistently and setting replacement schedules
  • Modifying common areas to ensure social distancing

Long-Term Cleaning Plans

  • Adding touchless solutions where possible
  • Utilizing technology to improve cleaning processes
  • Rethinking or redesigning office airflow
  • Adding certifications that confirm cleanliness for employees

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