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    Discover how automated solutions help commercial cleaners take the first step to meeting deeper cleaning demands.

    While the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased our focus on both cleaning and disinfecting, it’s also highlighted the importance of thorough cleaning prior to disinfection. Robots can help address the “new normal” of commercial cleaning by offering added breadth, depth, and intensity to the cleaning process.

    Join Brady Watkins, Head of Commercial Automation at SoftBank Robotics America; Chris Wright, VP of Sales at Brain Corp; and Patty Olinger, Executive Director of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council as they discuss the role of automation in improving cleaning. These industry leaders answer questions from attendees, discuss the checklist for effective disinfecting with an expert, and share the verifiable improvements in cleanliness that robotic solutions can provide.

    Automation amidst the new normal pt 2

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    Automation amidst the new normal pt 2