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Meet Tethys

Thu, Mar 5, '20
Today, we announced that our STREAM Education Initiative, one of our core verticals rooted in our
Future of Work

From STEM to STREAM: Inspiring Our Students for Tomorrow’s Careers

Wed, Mar 4, '20
It’s been almost 20 years since the National Science Foundation worked with educators to develop

The 3 Types of IOT Data That Retailers Can Really Use

Tue, Sep 25, '18
From retargeting to social media, digital advertising, content marketing, email marketing and more,

How Chatbots and Robots Empower CIOs In the Age of AI

Tue, Jun 5, '18
It’s not news to most CIOs that their job description is rapidly expanding. As data collection,

The Future of Work In a Robotic World

Fri, Apr 13, '18
The ninth annual National Robotics Week concludes this Sunday, April 15th. For the past decade,

Three Tech Innovators Amongst US Hotels

Fri, Feb 9, '18
As the new year begins, hoteliers are celebrating a stronger than expected 2017. Occupancy grew 0.5