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The business impact of COVID-19 has been tremendous. According to McKinsey & Company, it could take

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IoT/IoRT and Why it Matters for Commercial Cleaning

Tue, Jun 30, '20
The Internet of Things (IoT) connects smart devices to the internet. It provides visibility into
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3 Steps to Achieve High-Quality, Data-Driven Cleaning

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6 Staff Efficiency Strategies to Support More Frequent Cleaning

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Effective Cleaning Precedes Effective Disinfecting: The Role of Robots in the New Normal

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As disinfection increasingly becomes a focus for cleaning professionals, it becomes all too easy

3 Ways Humans and Robots Collaborate in Commercial Cleaning’s New Normal

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How the Global Pandemic is Accelerating Adoption of Automation in Commercial Cleaning

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  A Surge in Demand for Automation  As the global coronavirus pandemic situation continues to