Future of Work

The Future of Commercial Cleaning is People, Devices and Data

Fri, Sep 6, '19
By all accounts, the cleaning industry is booming. The industry overall is expected to grow 6.2

In The Resurgence of Retail, Here's What The Winners Have In Common

Mon, Apr 29, '19
In the last decade, thousands of articles have been written about the demise of the brick and
Future of Work

Three Trends Reshaping The Way Labor Gets Done

Wed, Jan 2, '19
Today's workforce is more complex and diverse than ever before. The concept of a career as a single
Future of Work

Robots and Millennials: Joining Forces To Change The Future of Work

Tue, Dec 18, '18
Ironman isn’t Ironman without the suit, but the suit has no power without the man. That is the

The Role Retail CFOs Must Play to Drive Innovation, Part Two

Tue, Mar 20, '18
In our last post, we began to address the critical role that retail CFOs must play in driving

The Role Retail CFO's Must Play to Drive Innovation, Part One

Thu, Mar 15, '18
The role that Chief Financial Officers play in retail has evolved tremendously in the digital age.