Whiz, Commercial Cleaning, Cleaning Automation Tue, Aug 4, '20
The Unique Value of a SaaS Model for Cleaning Technology

From large enterprises to small businesses, organizations are facing unique challenges during these unpredictable times. Bringing employees into the office, even at reduced capacity, requires workplaces to dramatically alter cleaning practices to protect employees. However, the heightened need for cleaning comes just as many organizations are forced to reevaluate costs and trim expenses company-wide.

Autonomous Cleaning Tech Delivers Results 

Cleaning robots are coming to the rescue to help companies keep their spaces healthier, safer, and more pristine for employees and customers alike. Implemented alongside your existing staff, autonomous cleaning technologies--like vacuuming robots--can deliver faster and better results without adding costly labor hours. For example, Whiz, the commercial robot vacuum from SoftBank Robotics, can thoroughly clean large carpeted areas in half the time compared to manual vacuuming.

A New SaaS Model for Cleaning Technology 

While many cleaning technologies are a capital expense and require a large upfront investment, cleaning solutions like Whiz are available with a cost-effective SaaS subscription model. For a low monthly fee, these cleaning Robots as a Service (RaaS) provide exceptionally high levels of cleanliness. They also allow your cleaning teams more time to focus on deep cleaning and disinfection tasks that require a human touch.

The subscription model offers unique value for companies where improving cleanliness and preserving cash flow are equally critical to business continuity. With this model, there are zero upfront investments, zero additional assets on your books, and zero unforeseen costs for maintenance, upgrades, or replacements. The benefits of a SaaS model are: 

  1. Immediate value with Zero Capital Expenditure 

With budgets slashed and prioritized cash flow, many tech investments have been sidelined during the pandemic. As such, it’s hard to justify shelling out the cash to own a fleet of cleaning robots. With a SaaS model, you immediately realize the benefits of autonomous cleaning solutions with zero capital expenditure. This allows you to leverage the latest cleaning technology available while still effectively managing your CapEx and OpEx spending.  

To learn more, try our Value calculator to see how much time and money you could save with autonomous cleaning robots.

  1. Predictable Costs--Both Immediate and Long-Term

The SaaS model for cleaning technology simplifies accounting. There is no need to track and account for depreciation or additional costs such as: unexpected maintenance, replacement, or upgrades to budget for. You pay the same low fee month  after month.

  1. reliable, high-quality results

By subscribing to (versus owning) cleaning technology, you have access to the latest hardware and software upgrades at no additional cost. As a result, you gain confidence that your cleaning tech will continue to provide reliable, high-quality results for years to come without any unexpected budget hits.


Overall, investing in cleaning automation doesn’t have to “break the bank.” Some independent cleaning solutions like Whiz, the commercial robot vacuum from SoftBank Robotics, developed in partnership with Brain OS and ICE Robotics, are available with a subscription model. This allows companies to pilot the solution in their facilities in a way that adds value without adding costs.