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How to Differentiate Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Commercial cleaning is reaching a breaking point, with expanding customer needs and fewer people to do the work than ever before. As a commercial cleaning business owner, it can be difficult to differentiate your business in an overly saturated market while contending with common industry challenges like low client retention, single-digit margins, and high staff turnover. With many competitors offering the same commoditized services, standing out from the crowd to win more client bids and retain customers is top-of-mind for commercial cleaning owners. In fact, helping current and potential clients see the unique value of your company is key to creating a sustainable commercial cleaning business.

Despite the challenges, differentiating yourself as a commercial cleaning company is possible with the help of automated cleaning technologies like commercial robot vacuumus. Investing in and leveraging automation can help you ensure consistent, high quality service at a great value to earn and keep more clients. In addition, augmenting the capabilities of your human workforce with technology can help reduce the impact of staff shortages and employee turnover, while also helping you attract and retain talent.  

Below are 5 ways emerging cleaning technologies can differentiate your business, increase customer satisfaction, and build your reputation as both a cleaning service provider and an employer.


1. Deliver Consistent, High Quality Cleaning

Customer satisfaction starts with high quality cleaning that meets expectations for completeness and frequency. Hasty spot cleans, inconsistent cleaning, and cleans that are skipped altogether will frustrate customers and cause them to look to your competition for better results.

Repetitive and monotonous tasks like vacuuming are especially prone to human error or inattention, and this is a common area where cleaning quality can suffer. Automating these tasks ensures they are done correctly and consistently every time. For example, a commercial robot vacuum ensures that floors are always cleaned as expected with consistent results.


2. Increase the Value and Scope of Your Cleaning Services

Another benefit of automating repetitive tasks is that it offloads work from your staff so they can focus time and attention on high value cleaning services that other companies can’t offer due to lack of time and resources. For example, vacuuming accounts for almost 30% of janitorial costs. With that work automated, your staff can offer additional services at competitive prices.

Where Commercial Cleaning Meets Automation

3. Provide Cleaning Performance Data

Nothing erodes customer trust faster than missed or incomplete cleans. Earn your client confidence by giving them visibility into cleaning status and completeness. For example, autonomous cleaning solutions give your clients peace of mind by providing cleaning performance data, including confirmed cleans.


4. Attract and Retain Exceptional Staff

Leveraging automation not only improves your reputation with your customers, it can also improve your reputation as an employer. Companies on the forefront of technology can offer technology as a growth opportunity for employees to attract higher quality talent and appeal to millennial applicants. Furthermore, automating monotonous and injury-inducing activities reduces employee churn and allows staff to focus their time on more engaging, value-add activities. Plus, when you hire and retain exceptional staff, customers will notice the difference in the level of service, which will further differentiate your organization from your competitors.


5. Demonstrate Innovation

Finally, in a rapidly evolving market, it is critical to demonstrate your business’s ability to keep pace with changes. As an early adopter of commercial cleaning automation, your business can build a reputation for being forward-thinking and quick to adapt to change. In addition, you will be able to stay ahead of customer demand for higher quality, differentiated services, and increased visibility into cleaning operations.


Differentiating your business from the competition has never been more challenging, but automated cleaning technology is changing that reality and giving business owners a chance to prove their value in new and exciting ways.  Download white paper, Automating the Future of Clean, to learn more about this opportunity and what it could mean for your business.

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