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Continuous Collection Data Software Is the Future of Occupant Trust

As we slowly emerge into our new normal, we know the initial lockdowns and long-term influence of a pandemic have shaken the very foundations of how we perceive our day-to-day environments. Where’s the hand sanitizer? What’s the social distancing protocol? How wary should I be of the people around me? 

The role technology must play in our surroundings has never been clearer: rebuild occupant trust.

In robotics and automation, that means leveraging cloud-native, integrated software systems to create an ecosystem of physical edge devices, including robots, that are viewable, and easily understood, from a single viewpoint or dashboard. This is the actionable foundation for practical digital transformation: a digital transformation with tangible impact.SoftBank Robotics America (SBRA) partnered with New Context Services to ensure their enterprise-grade, continuous data delivery application, Whiz Connect, is secure and compliant, ensuring data governance and data wellness are core elements of creating environments that allow for holistic health and safety. 

Whiz Connect, along with Whiz and SBRA’s fleet services and groundbreaking subscription model, are part of SBRA’s comprehensive Robotics-as-a-Service automation portfolio.  

SBRA’s automation leadership and New Context’s experience building secure and compliant data platforms are essential in a world that demands actionable data and intelligence on the spaces we live, work, travel, and otherwise go about our lives in. At a granular level, this world requires auditable routing and data assurance across multiple platforms. 

Maintaining health and safety indoors for an enterprise is not a beauty contest of one building or office. It’s a larger ecosystem of global properties and assets with multiple factors - access, air circulation, confirmed cleaning, daily sanitation, layouts, and more - that need to be coordinated with multiple other enterprise software applications.

“At SoftBank Robotics, we know building a great robot is not enough,” said Brady Watkins, SVP and General Manager. “Robots cannot be standalone items to provide real value. Instead, they need to be cobots, collaborative robots working with and supporting people, and part of a broader, integrated automation network that centralizes the user and stakeholder experiences.” 

“Robotics and automation are the future of our workplaces and our daily lives, and I’m pleased New Context is helping to ensure data security and transparency in this rapidly evolving market.” said Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context Services.

Data transparency, observability, and confirmation - whether in the inner workings of a data platform or the end result of a robot’s action - are central to our new normal. And this new normal extends beyond the long-term health and safety considerations of the modern workplace into real estate, mining, telecommunications, construction, and more. The teams at SBRA and New Context continue to drive these standards, as well as cutting-edge technology, forward.