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Which Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines Are Best?

Commercial carpet cleaning is a massive task. Thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming tens of thousands of square feet of carpet is a major demand on commercial cleaning staff that can take time away from deep cleaning and disinfecting activities. In fact, on average, vacuuming takes up 30% of total cleaning time. However, while vacuuming is a time-consuming and mundane task, effective carpet cleaning is critical to maintaining overall cleanliness and improving air quality in buildings. 

As COVID-19 progresses, the importance of cleaning carpets thoroughly and consistently has never been more evident. Commercial carpet cleaning machines reduce the burden of daily vacuuming on cleaning teams while improving overall cleaning performance. They also free up your staff to focus on deep cleaning and disinfecting tasks. 

Carpet Cleaning Machine Case Study

At the Hilton Garden Inn Gilroy, hotel staff spent over 10 hours each day vacuuming hallways and common areas. Staff were often stretched too thin and would need to call on maintenance staff for help, and the demands of carpet cleaning took away from room cleaning time. 

The strain on the cleaning staff affected Hilton’s cleanliness score, which consistently stayed at around 82%. When the hotel introduced autonomous carpet cleaning, their score jumped to 90% in just a few months. By leveraging the right carpet cleaning machines, carpets were cleaned effectively and quickly, freeing staff to spend more time cleaning each room. Read the full story here.

5 Capabilities of the Best Carpet Cleaning Machines

Because of the immediate and tangible benefits of offloading carpet cleaning to machines, commercial cleaning companies have turned to technology to help them achieve high levels of cleanliness in a timely and cost-effective manner, without overburdening their staff. However, not just any carpet cleaning machine will suffice.

Five capabilities of the best commercial carpet cleaning machines include: 

1. autonomous operation

The best carpet cleaning machines learn the routes to consistently and effectively complete cleaning jobs without the need to frequently update settings. In addition, look for technology with dynamic obstacle avoidance that enables the robot to navigate complex, changing environments and autonomously steer clear of passing people. 

2. quality cleaning

The best carpet cleaning machines can clean carpets 50 percent better than manual sweeping and vacuuming, while reducing the amount of dust kicked into the air by 8x because it doesn’t agitate the carpet the way stepping does. This ensures consistent, high-quality cleaning regardless of staff availability.  

3. Proof of Performance

With the rise of performance-based cleaning contracts, proof of performance has become a critical metric to share with stakeholders. Proof of performance also provides peace of mind that the work is being done consistently and there are no missed or spot cleans. 

SoftBank’s autonomous vacuum sweeper Whiz delivers robust performance metrics. With intuitive nightly reports, managers can see how, when, and where cleaning was performed, uncover opportunities for route optimization, and make more informed business decisions.

4. ease of use

Technology is only effective if it is easy to use and seamlessly deploy into your operation. Whiz autonomous vacuum sweepers are intuitive and easy to use, so you can immediately begin delegating cleaning tasks to your new autonomous coworker. 

5. real-time alerts

Finally, the best carpet cleaning machines immediately let you know their status--whether the robot is done cleaning a particular area and is ready to move onto the next task, or if it needs a hand. Knowing the status of your carpet cleaning machine allows your staff to react quickly if there are problems and maintain overall productivity. 


This doesn’t have to be an enormous upfront investment. Whiz, the autonomous vacuum sweeper from SoftBank Robotics, developed and distributed in partnership with Brain OS and ICE Robotics, is available with a subscription model, allowing you to cost-effectively pilot the solution in your facilities. By deploying automated vacuuming solutions, cleaning companies free their employees to complete the most time-consuming and repetitive work faster so they can move more quickly to tackle higher-value tasks. 

Contact SoftBank Robotics today to learn more about how to make Whiz your newest brand ambassador.

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