A confirmed clean and
data-driven insights


“Whiz with Whiz Connect is part of the heightened, people-first standard for our surroundings in this critical time. Providing continuous data, access and collaboration is at the core of how robotics and technology can help simplify and rebuild trust.”

- Brady Watkins, SVP & GM, SBRA

Whiz Connect, a SaaS application integrated with Whiz

Whiz Connect integrates seamlessly with Whiz to provide analytics and actionable insights, helping you improve productivity, drive efficiency, and understand the effectiveness of your Whiz deployment. Using this data, you are able to give your customers, guests, and employees visibility of cleaning operations and confidence in the health and safety of their surroundings.

Insights for Managers and Executives

Understand your Whiz’s performance and the value you get from our robots. Use the reports to track towards business goals, manage routes and location of your units, and receive actionable suggestions to get the most out of Whiz.

SMS Notifications

Stay informed of Whiz activity with SMS support for operations managers and team leads. Receive near-time texts on your mobile device of assist notifications from specific robots to avoid delay in cleaning.

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This is exactly how much and how often we get investment back!

"I love it! I love the reporting...we can turn around and have a report and say, yes, this is exactly how much and how often we get investment back.”

Senior Living Facilities

It’s paying for itself fairly quickly!

"The quality is second to none. My client was happy with transparency. You know exactly what Whiz is doing and you know at the end of the day, it's paying for itself fairly quickly.”

General Manager,
Facility Services Company

The data reporting allows me to alleviate my customers’ concerns!

"Just like how people smile and seem reassured to see Whiz continuously cleaning their hotel or office, the data reporting allows me to alleviate my customers' concerns about the health impacts of one of the biggest air filters in their space - carpet.”

Kelvis Quaynor,
EVP at Ganir & Co.