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    Commercial cleaning by the numbers

    Commercial cleaning is reaching a breaking point as the gap widens between growing customer needs and a shrinking workforce.

    Breaking Point



    profit margins leaving

    no room for error



    increase in building floorplan size

    by 2050



    increase in open janitor jobs

    by 2026


    How can you keep your business profitable with more to clean — and fewer employees?

    Robotics fills in the gaps and empowers your staff to do more.

    Learn how Whiz can complement your cleaning team.
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    Meet Whiz

    Whiz is a commercial robot vacuum that uses advanced AI to help janitorial teams clean better than ever. By offloading repetitive, mundane vacuuming to Whiz, your team can be more productive with more time to focus on critical tasks. Plus, Whiz can improve your business’s profitability by delivering higher-quality cleaning, reduced turnover and injuries, and more adaptability to changing customer needs.


    Deliver higher-quality cleaning.

    Whiz ensures cleaning consistency and frequency. Whiz delivers 50% cleaner floors and kicks up 8x less dust and allergens compared to manual vacuuming.


    Expand your business capabilities.

    Whiz offloads up to 30% of the average cleaning operation, giving your team time to do more. Whiz Connect gives you access to data to improve routes and increase efficiency over time.


    Save costs.

    Whiz provides a low total cost of ownership (TCO), and with flexible purchase and RaaS (robotics-as-a-service) options, Whiz can be either a capital or an operational expense.


    Reduce the impact of turnover and absenteeism.

    Never skip vacuuming, regardless of staff shortages. Furthermore, retain your staff by giving them more engaging work to reduce repetitive, injury-inducing tasks.


    Win more business as an innovative leader.

    Outpace your competition with cutting-edge technology and the ability to adapt to changing market needs quickly. Uniquely deliver measurable proof of cleaning performance.


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