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SoftBank Robotics offers a variety of robots that power the future of work — connecting with customers, advancing education, and automating repetitive tasks to improve your bottom line.

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Robots built for people.
Robots built for business.

Whether they're cleaning the floors of your office or pitching your latest marketing campaign, our robots empower you and your team to do more.



Whiz is an intelligent, autonomous vacuum sweeper that automates routine cleaning processes — delivering higher cleaning quality, proof of performance, and increased service efficiency and productivity.

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Pepper is a sales associate, customer service rep, and education tool, all-in-one. Friendly and engaging, Pepper is designed to connect with people and get them the info they need – answering questions, providing product and promotional information, even helping students build their STEM skills. And now, Pepper is even better, with a new capacity to learn, grow, evolve, and adopt new features to keep up with your needs – and with your audience.

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NAO is a programmable personal teaching assistant that brings learning to life for grade school and higher education students.

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Behind the Robots

At SoftBank, we believe in advancing humanity through robotics. Want to meet the humans advancing our robots? Get to know the designers, engineers, and tech experts at SoftBank Robotics, and discover the unique heart, soul, and spark of life they bring to our technology.


Learn How Robots Are Revolutionizing
the Future of Work

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