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Elevating Humanity Beyond Robotics

The Diversity & Inclusion Program’s purpose is to foster dialogue and education about the importance of our differences, and create a healthy workplace, community, and automation innovation network where those differences are understood, appreciated, and celebrated. As a company, we are focused on ensuring that we recruit, develop, and promote diverse employees to help continue and evolve these conversations. 

As a partner, we are committed to elevating forward-thinking, diversely-owned organizations through our automation resources and expertise

Diversity, Inclusion, & Our Brand Values 


Inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility, or IDEA, are fundamental components of SoftBank Robotics’ people-first approach. Our Program empowers the different perspectives, richer thinking, and more creative solutions that allow us to reach Robotics for All.


Robotics for All Initiative 


SBRA is committed to supporting businesses owned and operated by people of all races, genders, identities, and backgrounds.
Robotics for All is SBRA’s diversely-owned business acceleration program for innovators, vendors, and networks that recognize the automation-augmented future of work and match our IDEA values. Robotics and automation have already arrived in your day-to-day, and are even more so part of the future of society. All people have the right to thrive in that future. Our program consciously builds relationships and offers acceleration consulting and tools to help deliver that future.

This program is integrated into every aspect of our business. Our partners - who we do business with, who we hire, and who we network with- are fundamental to dynamically increasing its impact.

Our leadership.

The Diversity & Inclusion Program and Robotics for All Initiative is led by the Diversity & Inclusion Program Lead, overseen by the VP, Human Resources, and informed by the 12-member Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

20200221_RITGER_Cavalry Softbank_5 Bree Willard_308-Web

Bree Willard
Program Lead

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Kass Dawson
VP, Human Resources & Marketing


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