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10.10.22 | Article

Would you eat food cooked by a robot? You might have to soon

SoftBank Robotics America has announced a collaboration with Gausium to create robotic assistants for commercial use. The new robots, the Delivery X1 (X1) and the Scrubber 50 Pro (S50), can complete tasks for – and collaborate with – staff to support companies struggling with hiring slowdowns and skills gaps.

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07.12.22 | Article

SoftBank Robotics America Announces Global Strategic Partnership with Autonomous Solutions, Inc.

America Announces Global Strategic Partnership with Autonomous Solutions, Inc.

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07.6.22 | Article

SoftBank Robotics America Appoints Brady Watkins to President

SoftBank Robotics America appoints Brady Watkins to President.

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06.7.22 | Article

SoftBank Robotics America Announces Senior Appointments

SoftBank Robotics America announces senior appointments.

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01.31.22 | Article

SoftBank Robotics America Appoints Jordan Sun as Head of Product, Design and Engineering

SoftBank Robotics America Appoints Jordan Sun as Head of Product, Design, and Engineering

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06.10.21 | Article

Canon to Offer SoftBank’s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Whiz to Offices

The Whiz offering brings together CSA’s industry-leading solutions and exceptional professional services with SoftBank Robotics’ global leadership in cobotics and impactful automation.

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04.21.21 | Article

How Hotels Rebuild Traveler Trust in 2021

Hoteliers and their service providers need to introduce new technological solutions to gain travelers’ trust now and in a post-COVID world.

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02.1.21 | Article

The Great American Cleanup

“Cleanliness has moved from a want to a need,” says Brady Watkins, SVP and General Manager of SBRA.

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01.14.21 | Article

Cleanliness is Next to Techieness at CES 2021

With Whiz, SoftBank Robotics is hoping cleanliness will make gatherings and retail feel safer again.

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12.17.20 | Article

Voice of IoT: Brady Watkins

A podcast conversation with Brady Watkins, Senior Vice President and General Manager at SoftBank Robotics America.

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09.30.20 | Article

Whiz Connect Analytics Software Now Part of SoftBank’s Robotics-as-a-Service Offering

Cleaning robots are getting smarter, as vendors add data to fleet management software. SoftBank Robotics America yesterday announced Whiz Connect, which it described as an enterprise-grade application and dashboard for reporting data about the health and safety of indoor spaces...

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08.4.20 | Article

For Robots, It’s a Time to Shine (and Maybe Disinfect)

The pandemic has turned cleaning and other mundane building tasks into a challenge, stoking interest in machines as cost-effective solutions.

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07.28.20 | Article

Harvard Business School Managing the Future of Work podcast

SoftBank Robotics' Kass Dawson talks about the role of robotics in combatting Covid-19 and in changing the world of work. Rather than a wholesale replacement of human workers, he says, we can expect more cobotics—human-robot collaboration—and new robotics jobs.

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06.17.20 | Article

The power of subscription models

Matt Sullivan, CEO of BES Cleaning, a commercial janitorial company based in South Carolina, had been considering using robotic cleaners for years, but was put off by the up-front cost. He has now taken the plunge with Whiz, a robotic vacuum system from SoftBank Robotics.

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06.15.20 | Article

How Robots Can Help Retail Operate Safely Again

Before COVID-19, the brick-and-mortar shopping differentiator for the consumer was the in-person experience: They could try on the goods, or just see them in context. They could lie down on that mattress. It wasn’t a problem if customers opened that dresser drawer and touched every handle in the display.

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06.10.20 | Article

Bye-bye, buffets. Hello, plexiglass: How coronavirus is changing hotels

Whiz is already in use at a hotel in Park City, Utah, Quaynor said, and he expects similar automation to be used nationwide within a year or two.“COVID-19 is going to make this much more rapid than we thought,” he said.

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06.10.20 | Article

What If Working From Home Goes on … Forever?

Josh Harcus sells robots for a living. Robotic vacuum cleaners, to be specific — a model called the Whiz, which his employer, SoftBank Robotics America, released here last fall.

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05.23.20 | Article

Robots to the Rescue: How autonomous cleaning robots are helping the industry fight COVID-19

Brady Watkins, head of commercial automation at SoftBank Robotics in San Francisco, says their vacuum cleaning robots are also helping short-staffed teams take on repetitive tasks like vacuuming...

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04.9.20 | Article

Cleaning Automation Becomes Post COVID-19 Priority

Watkins says that cutting corners means sacrificing air quality because carpeting acts as a filter for debris and dust, so when it is cleaned less frequently, that debris and dust simply collects and builds up.

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03.17.20 | Article

During COVID-19 shutdown, robots may go where humans can't

“The biggest impact [from coronavirus] will be on the cleaning industry because people are demanding cleaner spaces and ways to mitigate or reduce human contact.”

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02.25.20 | Video

SoftBank Helps STEM Programs in Underserved Populations

SoftBank has been investing money into STEM education, focusing heavily on under-served communities.

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11.19.19 | Article

SoftBank Robotics launches a $499 monthly robotic vacuum service

There are currently no other commercial sweepers that have penetrated or have any scale within the cleaning industry to date," Watkins says.

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10.31.19 | Video

3 unexpected industries getting disrupted by robots

The robotics market is growing as more industries are incorporating robots into their workflow. Here are the changes we can expect.

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08.21.19 | Article

Will the next wave of humanoid robots make our lives better — or steal our jobs?

In Japan, robots aren’t scary. In fact, interacting with a robot has become routine.

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07.31.19 | Article

Trust is key to service robot design, says SoftBank Robotics

Trust is key to service robot design, says SoftBank Robotics

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05.17.19 | Podcast

Walmart, Robots, and AI: The Future of the Workforce?

Walmart's recent move to put 1,500 robots has reignited the debate over the impact of automation on U.S. jobs. Kass Dawson, Global Head of Marketing at SoftBank Robotics, has more on the future of everyday robotics.

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05.17.19 | Podcast

SoftBank: Increase ROI With Robotics And IoT Automation

In this episode, Kass Dawson of SoftBank Robotics shows how two robots can communicate through IoT automation in the cloud.

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05.14.19 | Article

SoftBank Robotics Named to Robotics Business Review’s 2019 Top 50 Robotics Companies List

The RBR50 is the annual list of the 50 most innovative and transformative robotics companies that have achieved commercial success in the past year.

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05.1.19 | Article

Here’s everything you missed at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI

Listen now: Can’t We All Just Get Along? with Anca Dragan (UC Berkeley), Rana el Kaliouby (Affectiva) and Matt Willis (SoftBank Robotics).

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04.12.19 | Article

SoftBank donates humanoid robots to San Francisco public high schools

“San Francisco is the home of SoftBank Robotics America and SFUSD is the first large, urban school district in the U.S. to create a comprehensive pre-K to 12 computer science curriculum,” said Kass Dawson, head of marketing for SoftBank Robotics America.

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03.12.19 | Article

Learning to Love Robots

With advances in A.I. and engineering, robots are galumphing, rolling, and being U.P.S.-delivered into our lives.

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03.3.19 | Article

Big Ideas: “Humans working alongside robots to increase productivity and retention” with Kass Dawson of SoftBank Robotics

Humans working alongside robots is becoming more common every day and is indefinitely changing the world. SoftBank Robotics is leading the way in human-robot interaction, transforming the way we work with technology to redefine the future of work.

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01.28.19 | Video

What our intimate interactions with robots will look like

"My reunion with SoftBank's Pepper -- a robot I've met on many previous occasions, including through a game of Cards Against Humanity -- showed me that once a robot automatically knows and understands who I am, we can take our interactions to a whole new level."

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