We Can Help You Fight COVID-19 and Deliver Increased Consistency & Frequency in Cleaning.

SoftBank Robotics understands these are difficult times and is here to help. We’ll provide the support you need to meet the ever-increasing cleaning demands placed on you, especially with the COVID-19 crisis. Whiz, our autonomous sweeper vacuum, can help!

Whiz in Motion

With Whiz, you’ll be able to automate your sweeping & vacuuming, allowing your staff to dedicate more time and resources to disinfecting & preparing to fight against the spread of novel coronavirus, without worrying that Whiz will catch COVID-19! 

With Whiz, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain 30% in cleaning efficiency, giving you time to focus on disinfecting and deep cleaning, calming patient and employee fears about a dirty facility.

  • Get floors 50% cleaner compared to manual sweeping and vacuuming, improving the level of cleanliness essential for medical facilities & elderly homes.

  • Ensure cleaning consistency and frequency augmenting your staff with robots that don't catch viruses and are unconstrained by social distancing.

  • Clean up to 30,000 square feet per shift, making your cleaning team more efficient.

If you are ready to regain the upper hand against the overwhelming demands COVID-19 has placed on your cleaning teams, take a moment to complete the form and we will contact you to discuss how you can put Whiz to work. 

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