With Whiz you’ll get better cleaning quality and higher productivity while reducing your variable labor costs.

Similar to other cleaning companies, BES Cleaning struggled with the dual challenges of worker fatigue from repetitive cleaning tasks and the need to quantify cleanliness levels for customers. 

These burdens became particularly acute due to the increased cleaning demands placed on the BES cleaning teams by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

By teaming with Softbank Robotics and utilizing Whiz to automate certain cleaning tasks, BES has easily and cost-effectively improved cleaning quality and thoroughness while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Since deploying Whiz, BES has also been able to:

  • Increase efficiency by 25%
  • Boost cleaning crew productivity
  • Offer additional disinfecting and sanitizing services 
  • Provide “proof of clean” to customers
  • Maintain 100% customer retention

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